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wedding: cake riser wedding: cake

Cake Riser
$35.00 each

Columns 30” or 40”
$6.00 each / $7.00 each

wedding: 4-branch candelabra

wedding: 7-branch candelabra

Candelabra 4-Branch Silver
$15.00 each

Candelabra 7-Branch Standing
$15.00 each

five-gallon fountain seven-gallon fountain

5-gallon Fountain
$45.00 each

7-gallon Fountain
$55.00 each

wedding: dance floor Red carpet runner, 12 feet long

Dance Floor  3’ x 3' Sections
$13.00 each
(price includes set up)

Red Carpet Runner
(12 ')

Kneeling Bench

Kneeling bench

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